It is with a heavy heart that the Board of Directors of the David Thompson Health Trust (DTHT) must announce that the DTHT will be officially inactive by the end of this fiscal year (March 31st, 2016).  For more than eight years, the DTHT has worked with over 21 community health care philanthropic partners in the AHS Central Zoneto make a real difference in enhancing local health care.

Thr Board of Directors of the DTHT are privileged and humbled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with all of our community partners.  Thank you for all that you do to strengthen health care in your communities.  Each and every one of you have played an integral part to elevate the conversation - Give Where You Live.

The Board of Directors of the DTHT are working closely with AHS Foundation Relations to complete DTHT activities and distribute your funds to your communities to enhance your local health care. 

This may be the end of an era -- yet -- the DTHT legacy will live on through the impact you make on enhancing health care in your local communities.


Best regards,

Dawna Elliott - Chair,
David Thompson Health Trust


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